Uganda Trip October 2018

Uganda Trip October 2018

Patrick traveled back to Uganda for the second time in 2018 to work on our projects there. His focus will be working with our local partners to help the Home of Hope for disabled children and continuing our feminine hygiene education project.

For more information, you can watch this video originally created for the Kruse Way Rotary fundraiser.

October Uganda Trip, 2018, Quick Highlights:

  1. 1,279 underprivileged government sponsored female students from 7 schools received reusable sanitary pads and hygiene training so they can stay in school during their monthly cycle.
  2. 480 pairs of undergarments were given to female students during the hygiene training to those who did not have any.
  3. 600 families (average 4 family members: 2,400 individuals directly affected) of the Masese 3 slums were given 2,900 pounds of maize flour & beans.
  4. Home of Hope orphanage received over 1,000 diapers and cement/rebar columns were constructed so their 2nd floor can eventually be built.
  5. The construction of tilapia fish ponds begun where the net sales proceeds will continually cover the educational costs of 40 PCwS sponsored students.
  6. A family of 4 sisters and also single mothers (Barbra, Phiona, Cissy, and Mourine), received a small 0% micro-loan to start an ironing and sewing shop. On my last trip in April, 2018, they were given 2 heavy duty sewing machines but lacked access to electricity to use them.

Home of Hope

This home for disabled children is doing amazing things for these abandoned and neglected children in Uganda. They have been working to build a new facility and Patrick’s Children is committed to seeing this get done.



Hygiene Project

Through our partnership with the local government we will be spending two hours at each school, making sure these girls are given the knowledge and tools to deal with their periods and stay in school

Education and reusable pads for each girl is $5.


Other Goals

Provide 3,000 lbs. of beans and flour to 400 mothers in the Jinja slums. This will provide for 3 days of full stomachs. Cost $1,000

Construct a Tilapia farm. The fish will be bread, raised and sold to fund the education of our sponsored students. Cost $2,000


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