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Uganda Trip April 2018

Uganda Trip April 2018

Patrick’s Children needs your help. This April Patrick will be making one of his regular trips to Uganda. This time he will be traveling with 2 board members who have been with him before, Nate (2003) and Albert (2009).

They will be spending a busy week visiting orphanages, schools, and other organizations. With helpful donations, the team will be purchasing and distributing much-needed supplies like toothbrushes, pens/pencils, bedding, formula, and any other supplies to help the children thrive.

Main goals for this trip


Continue to build relationships and sponsor students’ education.


Provide much-needed supplies to those in need.


Continue working with our local partner to provide water wells.


Provide reusable feminine products along with training to female students.

We are looking to raise just over $9000 for this visit. Besides travel, food, and accommodations for the team we are hoping to also fund the following:

  • Notebooks, pens, and pencils for school children
  • Distribution of purchased items to orphanages
  • Prepaid educational sponsorships for 3 students to finish the year
  • Food distribution and providing meals in Slums of Jinja
  • 400 reusable sanitary pads for female students
  • Curation of fundraising items to be sold state-side

In addition to financial donations, we will also be taking a large number of supplies with us. Please contact us if you would like to donate any of the following:

  • Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
  • Basic Hygiene/Medical Items
  • Pens/Pencils/School Supplies
  • Simple Toys/Games/Trinkets
  • Old Tablets/Smartphones *See Details*
  • Let us know if you think of something else


The team will be in Uganda for 5 full days. Here’s a rough idea of what our schedule will be like:

Day 1:

  • Visit a primary school with 400 students
  • Check on one of the wells
  • Visit an orphanage for children with physical disabilities

Day 2:

  • Purchase supplies
  • Visit our sponsored students’ school
  • Visit a high school with 600 students
  • Meet families of our sponsored students

Day 3:

  • Purchase 15,000 lbs of food to feed the poor in Jinja
  • Check on another well project
  • Visit a church and help with feeding outreach

Day 4:

  • Attend church and help with food outreach
  • Visit a high school student we sponsor and her family
  • Visit downtown Jinja for supplies

Day 5:

  • Visit a school with over 200 local foster students
  • Check on repairs to their well, which is unable to be used at this time

We will most likely try to fit in some extra stops to partner organizations and possible partners for the future.

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